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  Chat FAQs

General Chat FAQs

This section will help you get on our online chat room.

How do I chat?
Why does it say that "this program isn't registered" every time I type using the Java Applet?
Why do I get a wierd JAVA Error or require a new plug in?
What is MIrc?
What chat network is the channel on?
How do I do an ACTION? (I.E. Nick shoots an Automag)
What are the rules?
Why was I kicked/banned?
What is an OP?
Can I be an OP?
For even more information about the program JIrc, used for the chat room, visit their FAQ Page - http://www.jpilot.com/java/irc/support.html

How Do I Chat?

There are two methods of joining our chat room. The first and easiest way is to go to to the "Chat" section of the site. There you will find a Java Applet that allows you to access the channel. While this Applet runs very well, if you plan to frequent the channel or are an experienced user, you may want to use MIrc or another similar chat program.

If you choose to use the Java Applet (AKA JIrc), then you must first wait to download the applet (this may take a few seconds). You will be prompted if you want to download the applet, and you must click YES in order to use the program. Once the chat window comes up, enter a nickname and click Connect Now!.

Once you are connected, you will have the main message screen on the left, and a list of users in the room on the right. Type on the bottom line and hit enter to send your message to the chat room. Enjoy! >> Top

Why do I get a wierd JAVA Error or require a new plug in?

The JIrc program runs on JAVA. Not JavaScript - but Sun JAVA. This used to be a standard plug-in, but is not on all browser builds anymore. You can Download the JAVA Plug in here at Sun's site.>> Top

Why does it say that "this program isn't registered" every time I type using the Java Applet?

The program IS registered. You need to makes sure the address bar of your browser is pointing to the correct page: http://www.automags.org/chat/index.shtml. It MUST say www.automags.org, not just automags.org. >> Top

What Is MIrc?

MIrc is an easy to use and very popular IRC chat program. You can download it for free at www.mirc.com. There are other programs out there that perform similarly to MIrc that you may also want to use.

Once you download the program and install it, you may want to read through the help files to get your bearings.

Once you are ready to chat, you need to connect to our own server. Click on File > Options. This will bring up a new window. On the left side should be a column named "Category:". Under it should be the selection "Connect". Make sure that is selected. Once it is, on the right side should be the options to add a new server to your server list. Click "Add". A new window will pop up. In the Description box put in "AO Chat", and in the IRC Server box put in "irc.automags.org". Click "Add". The selection "AO Chat" should be in your server list drop down menu now. Select it and click "Connect to IRC Server". Once you have connected, you need to join our channel. Simply type in the command "/join #automags" and you will enter our channel. >> Top

What Chat Network is the Channel On?

We have our own server at irc.automags.org, in room #automags. >> Top

How do I do an ACTION? (I.E. Nick shoots an Automag)

Type: /me then what ever action you want. >> Top

What are the Rules?

Read our rules page. >> Top

Why was I Kicked/Banned?

Probably for repeatedly breaking one of the rules on the right. OPs may also Kick/Ban you for disrupting the channel. The chat room is a bit looser than the Forum. That means you can get away with more, but at the same time OPs may kick you at their discretion. We also use scripts that may automatically kick or ban users for cussing, flooding, clones, and using all caps. >> Top

What is an OP?

An OP is a channel OPerator. They make sure people are behaving and keep the peace. They are responsible for kicking and banning people from the channel who misbehave. >> Top

Can I Be an Op?

No - only Moderators, Techs, and the Webmaster (as well as Tom Kaye, the head honcho) are allowed to have Ops. >> Top

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