• mag fsr sniper rifle

    I bought this of the AO forums with the intention of doing a box mag type feed. http://www.automags.org/forums/showt...ject&p=2833484 but already having a emag and building a double barrel mag I have enough in the way of rate of fire so decided to do a mag fed marker and then thought why no a fs platform.

    I sent the ULE body to Xmag Terror after talking to him about it to get the feed port milled out and a new feedneck built to run the fs rounds. got it back very quickly

    for the mag feed I decided on the mkv dmag upgrade kit. I am honestly surprised this is no done more with these kits.

    with that mounted got the rest of the stuff together and just had to bolt them on

    once I do some accuracy test and make sure the shroud is sturdy enough I will clean up the brace for the magwell and paint it to match. feeds great fs and regular paintball just with fs round you want to hand load 2 round to fill the chamber and part of the feed neck so when the mag open they stay pointed in the correct direction. shooting at a sheet I would re use the fs rounds and I was pleasantly surprised the they had no fin damage from the bolt as I knew this was a issue for so other semi auto fs markers