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Thread: Radios

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    each team has 4 legions. every hour 2 legions are chosen to do battle to see who is better to win points for their team

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTAutoMag View Post
    each team has 4 legions. every hour 2 legions are chosen to do battle to see who is better to win points for their team

    are factions called randomly or is there a set schedule?
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    Quote Originally Posted by StygShore View Post
    are factions called randomly or is there a set schedule?
    set schedule

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    Radios. FIRST, you need to know exactly what Command is using. Are they using UHF? VHF? Proprietary encryption? Once you know, you can be instructed on what radio to get in order to talk with Command. Anything involving encryption or VHF will end up being a special radio.

    Then, I would suggest anything that uses the mainstream UHF (read: FRS/GMRS) channels for the squad as a whole. Everyone can get their own radio, whether it be Motorola, Midland, Puxing, whatever. We'll have to be assigned a channel/lockout code to cut down on the chatter, so that we can functionally communicate with one another. See, our squad may be set at channel 3-7. Channel 3, lockout code 7. Anyone running on channel 3 without a lockout code will be able to hear everything broadcast on channel 3; but the lockout code filters the reception of all that chatter to just those people using that specific code. In other words, if someone wants to hear our comms, they likely can. But they're going to hear EVERYTHING on channel 3 at once if they do that, unless they get our lockout code.

    Now, technically, when using the GMRS channels (and/or using a radio such as a high-wattage Puxing), the radio transmits at ~ 4 to 5 watts to increase range. This requires a FCC license. It is LARGELY unenforced, however. Using the FRS channels at normal power (roughly 1 watt) is free and legal. There's talk about nixing the license requirement for GMRS channels since so many people ignore the licensing requirements and the abused GMRS channels are built into nearly all FRS/GMRS radios now anyway, but I haven't seen that actually happen yet.

    And, as for activation, PTT is a must. No voice activation.

    What we did at D-Day for comms, is to have one guy dedicated to comms and carry two radios while in the field. Must be a back player obviously, as getting your comms guy shot sucks. When needed, comms brought the radios to the squad leaders and relayed messages.

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    We could skip all that technical stuff and just run our own missions!

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    Except, at a big game, when you get shot out and go to the deadbox, you'll likely get split off from the group. The bulk of radio communications at a game like LL is to regroup after a deadbox flush. If you don't want to run with radios, expect to have your group scattered after the first couple rounds/flushes.

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    A radio is a purchase on my "to buy list" anyone have a recommendation for a model?

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