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Thread: Dye DM3, Eclipse Angel, new Alien remains, Mini, Ego6, DP: G3, Threshold, FX, + MORE

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    Dye DM3, Eclipse Angel, new Alien remains, Mini, Ego6, DP: G3, Threshold, FX, + MORE

    I have to move a lot of my stuff so I thought I'd trim some fat. In here are a bunch of nice shooting guns, as well as a bunch of projects. Freebies with any purchase!

    Dye DM3 LCD, works well and is in good condition. Comes as pictured with the CP on/off, hyper 2 regulator and superstock barrel. It has the stock bolt kit.

    Price - $140

    Eclipse Angel LED project. This is drilled for eyes (which are included and already installed on the board) and is nearly all matching, but is definitely a project, needing wire work, a small part here and there, and testing/tuning. This is sold AS IS. The charger IS included.

    Price - $225

    Smart Parts Impulse. This is not fully tested, but it turns on and the noid clicks.

    Price - $50

    Brand New Alien remains. Though this is new, I have to mention that it does have a bit of wear (visible in pictures) from being in storage without a case. Also, this gun has never been aired up and is about 7 years old, so I'd suggest checking the o-rings and giving them some lube/oil before play.

    Price - $250

    Angel LCD. This looks complete but has not been tested. It has several dye upgrades and is in good condition.

    Price - $100

    Dangerous Power G3. This has a TechT bolt kit, clamping feedneck, RAPS on/off, and an Ape Rampage board which is non functional. The gun would work well if it wasn't for the board, but the board can be sent in for replacement free of charge (other than shipping).

    Price - $165

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    1 of 500 Dangerous Power Threshold. This is in great condition and shoots perfectly. It has a CP regulator and has laser eyes.

    Price - $350

    Invert Mini V3. This shoots very well and I've had no problems with it. It has been used regularly but is in good condition.

    Price - $220

    Dangerous Power FX. It has the TechT hush bolt as well as the TechT ram. I also have the stock parts for it. It is in near perfect condition and shoots ropes.

    Price - $350

    Planet Eclipse Ego6. This has a Tadao board, worr grips, a relatively new blue eclipse regulator, and an upgraded trigger and on/off setup. The gun shoots ropes, but does need new eyes.

    Price - $225

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