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Thread: RT Bundle - Emag/Original - getting out of Paintball

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    RT Bundle - Emag/Original - getting out of Paintball

    To many things to list, I have a short list and pix...

    Looking to see what this is worth in today's market? I am thinking about 1k - tell me if I am wrong... I've been out the loop for awhile.

    Then I want to sell it.... Need the cash for other endeavors and I want someone who will use the stuff. Willing to sell gun stuff separate from mask, etc... Want to sell all gun stuff [including loaders] as a package.

    Kaner Barrel Set

    Pneu Mag - built by Loguzzzzzz [AO] 2/2010 - never used in field

    RT 300 - matching valve - rt was gone through 2009 and level 10 installed

    xmag valve - never used in field

    emag - Tuna went through on 3/2010 - his comments:This marker is all done. It is in very good shape. Nothing wrong with the body or battery. I am going to hook you up in telling you that the main board hold down screw was loose, as was the L10 powertube tip. I went over the whole marker, changed a few orings, bumper, mainspring. It works great now. The trigger adjustment for the center magnet is all the way out and it needs to stay there. Don't mess with it.

    after market triggers

    bottle dated 2009, but 3k nitro duck regulator

    dye face mask with fan


    All original RT parts included


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    Pm sent

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    Thnx everyone for the PMs

    Trying to sell as 1 bundle - if that doesn't work out I will piece it out based on the order of PMs I get. If I piecemeal it I will put prices on each item.

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