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    Vents Rage Predators! First mask I ever owned, but in black. GREAT MASKS! Provided you have a useable/viable lens to use in them and the foam parts aren't disintegrating. They were some of the least fogging lenses I have used (and I wear glasses). The only reason I bought a new mask was that the 98' World Cup in Orlando refused to accept players with masks that didn't meet new standards or returned some standards report to them. Then, strangely, there was a massive trailer of JT masks being sold....

    I have 2 still. One in black with only side/ear covers and one in green with all the trimmings.....

    Provided the mask is in good condition, the BIN is pretty fair IMO.

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    there was one still in the package on ebay, green though. my first mask was a JT Crossfire which i still have. i do have a black Vents throat protector attached to my Spectra and it has been handy a time or two.

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    I still wore mine up until I bought a Vforce Morph. I still have two pairs of these. They were the most comfortable and best performing goggles in any mask out there.
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    I remember looking at them and wanting a set in the mid 90s. Couldn't warrant buying them since I was using a spectra at the time. Paint was more important.

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    The logo for my old team used 1/2 the Vents Mask and 1/2 a skull
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    You should buy it and make a Flents for yourself. These are mine:

    I have a black one as well:

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    They were the best goggles of their time. Damn shame they went out of business. The strap was the best innovation that nobody ever copied.

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