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Thread: need help identifying this autococker and its value!

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    need help identifying this autococker and its value!

    My buddy just found this his shed, it was left over from the previous owner and was wondering what kind of gun it is and how much it might be worth. Any feedback would be great, thanks
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    Its a Freeflow Boxxer.

    Not really up on cockers as far as a price.

    3 to 500 maybe if you have the matching feedneck.

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    Appears to be a factory Race-framed Freeflow Boxxer.... Check out I bet you'll find more info, but I think that $400-$500 sounds like it might just fit. It's the earlier, more desirable body with the wire detent (later bodies with screw-in detents were made in China). Tough to say being that it's a Racegun; being that it's factory I'd tend to think that adds value.

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    that is just pure awesome.

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    Nice find! I would say you are more likely looking at the 200-300 range. not being drilled is a great factor on this marker. I have found a decline in racegun prices as the race gun halfblock seems to be fetching 450- 550 these days and is a more desirable marker. Personally I liked the eclipse frames that were on the mech Boxxers.

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