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Thread: Need some Input on some CF barrels

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    Question Need some Input on some CF barrels

    Quick question for you all. I found a guy locally that is selling a 16" cf Deadlywinds barrel that takes freak inserts. It's a really good price and borderline new. The question is... is this over kill for a barrel, I play A lot of woods ball with my mag just wounding if this length will cause more issues then good? I do remember reading that a barrel non ported for 10" and ported for the rest is the best but is another 6" too much? I know the over all length might get in the way when bunkering ect.. does anyone know if it is possible to cut these things down with a nice band saw without the possibility of fraying the end?

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    I personally don't use anything longer than 12", but its really about preference. I'm sure there is some high tech theory about efficiency etc, but in the long run its what you like. Some people like longer barrels to push through brush or push down on inflatables. All in your style. I'm not sure about cutting it. Seems like you should if you have a very fine tooth blade. Would you have to epoxy the cut part to keep it from fraying? Out of curiosity, what price?

    Google "cutting carbon fiber barrel". Seems to be various thread about it. Some say no, others say it is actually pretty easy to do and that DW will actually do it for you if you want for a small fee.
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    personally, i use Stiffi freak fronts, in a 14" length. you can get them in whatever length you are comfortable with.

    now, the ball accelerates in the first 8" and nothing after that. as long as the porting is after that 8" length, you can do whatever you want. the more porting you have, the quieter the shoot should be.

    now, with the CF barrels, they are incredibly light and will put all the weight of the gun, right at your hands. you will notice that the movement of the gun will change, as you don't have that weight hanging over the entire length.

    if anything, try it out at the field, or at least in a shooting gallery and see if you like it. that is the only way to tell if YOU like it and YOU want to buy it.

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    DeadlyWind makes a quality barrel. There's no doubt about that. I ran a 10" on my A1 Angel, and as well as a 10" on my Mag.

    Barrel length boils down to personal preference. I can't stand a long barrel. With a long barrel, I feel that I can't play as compact as I'd like, and tucking in just feels odd with a longer barrel. I like compact. I now run a 8.5", and it lets me play the compact style that I prefer.

    I think most people might say that a 16" barrel is a bit long, where 12"-14" seems to be the norm. Like I said, it'll boil down to personal preference. Try the barrel out for yourself, and make your decision.
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    12 inch works best for me. 16 inch just seems too long a lot of the time.

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    well if you already think that it could get in the way while bunkering someone and already are thinking about cutting the barrel down, you might as well just find a shorter DW barrel? it sounds like the only thing you like about this particular barrel is that its a possibly cheap deal…haha…but it could be more hassle thank the few bucks you might be saving…especially if you get it, decide to cut it, and then funk it up?

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