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Thread: Ninja Tank 50ci & Kaner Kit

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    Ninja Tank 50ci & Kaner Kit

    50ci ninja for sale. Spent its whole life in a tank cover. No scratches or dings on the tank itself. Original regulator works fine and I kept a nipple cover on it at all times so there's no grit in there.

    Made in 2011

    $100 + 5 to help with shipping (basically splitting the cost of shipping with you)

    WGP Kaner Kit $110 + 5 shipping
    No scratches or wear of any kind. Hardly used

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    those karner kits r bad ass!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RT Lover View Post
    those karner kits r bad ass!!!
    Yup! I just bought that Kaner barrel kit on MCB.

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