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Thread: Warpless Halo Help? Types of Hoppers?

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    Warpless Halo Help? Types of Hoppers?

    I am looking to make a warpless Halo. Loader mounts on the side of the gun as opposed to the top and feeds via hose.

    However, I know nothing about the current hoppers out there. I am looking to buy a used Halo but dont know what type I need. I see that Halo seems to have been bought by Empire?

    How do I tell if the hopper is eye vs sound activated? I assume I can't use an eye activated hopper for the warpless mod?

    Is there a better loader out there for this?

    Thanks collective brain trust!

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    empire B2 would be your best bet... the features that Simon packed into it are top-of-the-line for HALO's

    that being said you could warpless mod any hopper, i used an empire magna because of the reshaped feed i didn't loose capacity in the shell from the warp hose

    If you're interested i could sell you my already modded magna???

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    The Halo Too is sound activated like the B2; I wonder what the difference is.

    Here is the best warpless project documentation I've seen, outside of videos...

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    chop up a rotor."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    A Rotor won't work because it isn't sound activated, but rather feeds based on the tension of the ball stack. Feeding up, gravity will cause enough tension on the ball stack to stop the feed.

    Most of the mods that I've seen come from the Invert Halo Too.

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    I have had good luck with the halo too using the high torque motor. I have never used the b2. I did a warpless mod on a b2 for someone and they said it was having trouble with getting paint up using the stock motor. The b2 uses a drive cone with the spring in it but the halo too uses a solid cone and comes with the improved freeway to prevent jams. I have a z2 I did but am currently out of paint to do a useful test
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