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Thread: The AO Army LED Plaque

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    The AO Army LED Plaque

    My boss made one of these for me and I thought I'd get some more business for him.

    THIS sign is an 8x8 Plexi, CNC cut, LED, plaque mounted on a CNC cut oak stand. He didnt like how the oak looked so any future ones will be in stained pine.

    He does these signs as a side business and he is very good with them. I gave him the JPEG of the AO Army logo I made and the perfectionist in him had a fight with me cause I wanted it to be slightly chaotic, like the logo was shot onto the plexi, and he was like STRAIGHT LINES! Both of us do like how it turned out and it's amazing to see in person.

    The only critique I had was the logo shows up better from the OTHER side, so any that you guys want will be cut on the other side, backwards, so youre looking at the smooth side instead of the cut side.

    the cost will be 120+10 shipping

    yes this first one IS a picture

    Custom signs available

    To leave feedback: Click seller/buyers name, Click feedback score, Click leave feedback

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    spending all my money getting every thing ready for cpx. maybe later this year.

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