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Thread: Meet My Paintball Family

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    Nice frame! I saw it on mcb or pb I forgot which one im sure he must have gotten a lot of messages about it hahaha

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    Thanks Zero. I haven't received many PMs about it. I still haven't seen any other Elite frames out there.

    Well now I have a new gun to add to the family. It's not a mag, but it's still really cool. I traded some gear for this cocker from Surf2Live on MCB. He had it milled to be half-blocked, midget-ed and taped on the side for air. He had a macro going down to a female Palmer's stabilizer. I was going to put a 12gram changer on the side to make it a full fledge autococker pistol, but then I remembered how much I don't like messing with 12gram guns. So I put my AKA Sidewinder on it and picked up a mini CCM pump handle and some CCM grip panels for cheap.

    I still can't believe how small this gun is. I really think its the smallest gun I own.

    I think I might change up my photos cause it takes way too long to get the background all white. Also I think the green grass and natural light looks sooooo much better.

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