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Thread: i swear mags dont like me...but they keep multiplying

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    i swear mags dont like me...but they keep multiplying

    my just finished project
    Lollipop red powdercoat body
    freak back and 12" teardrop tip (orig color not powder)

    my favorite
    Orange Minimag
    chromed rail

    john deere green mag

    my current mag project...rail just got back from LUKE

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    Mags can be like cats sometimes. They might never show interest in you, but keep feeding them parts and pretty soon you turn into a “Cat Person" with pictures of them on your wall with inspiration saying like “hang in there." You will know its time to stop when you have an oil painting of Tom over your fireplace and you are petting an xmag in a smoking chair while thinking of new “outfits" to dress your mag in.

    As for your “cats" I really like that John Deer Mag barrel. I think it would be fun to play speedball with cause you can run up and pop opponents bunkers so your team can shoot them.

    Oh and I have been looking for tgat NW on/off that is on your first mag for awhile now. If you are interested in selling or trading it let me know.

    And welcome fellow “Cat Person"

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    yea i had to get rid of my emag and one of my minimags last year. ive got about 10-14 mags sitting on the bench now, about half need valve

    but yea i got that barrel in on a trade. its someones project to sharpen an armson barrel, really is a shame to because the thing is kinda cool...the inside of it is rifled. sadly the wrong way so i cant use first strike rounds but still cool.

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    Oddly enough...I have a valve just sitting around. (I think). I believe it's a classic. If you want it or have a snazzy trade, send me a PM.
    Xmag, IT Emag
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