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Thread: New to Automags, Looking to buy one!

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    New to Automags, Looking to buy one!

    Moved from wrong forum, thanks for the input from a couple people from the post in the wrong forum.

    I am new to the automag world and I am looking for a project. So my friend talked me into looking at getting an automag.

    This is what I am looking for in the automag but I will look at any offer:

    1. ULE Body
    2. Double Trigger
    3. Direct Bolt to ASA Macroline

    The gun does not need to be complete but I would like it to be.

    I AM LOOKING FOR IT CHEAP! Right now I have $150.

    PM for fastest response, I will pay using paypal.

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    You'll be very hard pressed to find a ULE bodied Mag for $150 considering the body alone typically sells for $100 without a feedneck. Classic valves sell for $35-50 and double frames as mentioned sell for $35-40 for Benchmarks and $60+ for Intelliframes. Add in all the extras like rails, forgrips etc and you are well over. You may be better off looking for a SS bodied stock Mag with an Intelliframe. I could probably maybe even get you there if you don't care about the condition of the frame. I have a chrome Intelliframe that has flaking/pitted chrome that I could put together for you.

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