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Thread: printed rails, Interest thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by zulubravo44 View Post
    Got another crazy printing idea that may just work. If you pay attention to my blabbering, you may know that I just "finished" a Z body pump mag. By finished I mean made it functional, and it's a whole hell of a lot of fun.

    An idea struck me. What about making a "classic feed" for where the powertube attaches. The body uses as a dovetailed, removable powerfeed setup. If I can go with a classic feed, I can easily bolt on a very low profile stick feed. Biggest problem is that I'm drawing up a product with a market of one buyer (I think). Then again, I thought 3D printing was all about the capacity to do one offs and rapid prototypes?

    So I took to my free CAD software and came up with this. I'm pretty sure this is a printable part, no?

    Attachment 89668

    I also made one with a fully revolved and extruded 12 round tube, but that might not be possible to print because of dimensions and geometry? See below.

    Attachment 89669

    And one last crazy idea. Cram and jam, with an tapered cram receiver. It's cramming on a 10 angle up and out.

    Attachment 89670
    Yeah its a good idea.
    I have the same idea already in my drawing file. Just waiting to get the shop back up to do some testing."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Jeez, if you make this rail I may just have to pick up one of XMT's carbon bodies, a DW cf foregrip/barrel and an old CF frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by river031403 View Post
    Goatboy please design & print drum magazine for .68 paint 20 rounds or so
    I think someone already made something like that...
    "Accuracy by aiming."

    Definitely not on the A-Team.

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