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Thread: There can be only 2...

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    There can be only 2...

    XMT custom R/T classic ULE body with Eclipse body kit, AKA Feed neck, dual System X rebuildable ball detents, ULT, AGD Intelliframe, Smart Parts rail, CP asa, WGP 10" Kaner with .684 back. Body anodized gloss black by Trustme on

    1996 AGD R/T Classic Automag with R/T Benchmark single finger .45 frame, Level X bolt, and XSV inline asa.

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    Nice mags

    Does your username represent anything?
    CNC Programmer/Machinist
    Polarstar Engineering and Machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElPanda View Post
    Nice mags

    Does your username represent anything?
    I'm quite OCD about everything, and my life is a series of rituals. It's also my xbox live gamertag.

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    Both great mags, both very different.

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    That XMT is sharp looking!!

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