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    Post pump automag

    Looking for a pump automag. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dano1979 View Post
    Looking for a pump automag. Thanks.
    I have a pump mag with rainman kit and splash parts. It is a right feed stainless with classic valve. Pm me if interested.

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    Might help to give a bit more info as to what you're looking for. Do you have a preference to which kit you want? Do you want a ULE body or SS? Might help to know how much you want to spend. The more info you give, the better idea people have in what to offer you.

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    Looking for regular powerfeed automag pump. Pretty much a stock mag with a pump kit installed. I have no idea what a fair price is, and i dont know what kits are out there.

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    there are 2 complete pump mags on E-bay right now…both are power feeds…one right feed and one left feed…one pump mag has a AGD pump kit and the other has a Rainman229 pump kit and they are both being sold by the same seller.

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