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Thread: HELP! on a gas thru for a gun going to anno

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    HELP! on a gas thru for a gun going to anno

    so i have a gun going to anno and im in dire need of a correct length gas through thats smooth.

    i cant find anything.

    i have a cobra mini and a pmi gas through, Kapp an couple spyder ones. but nothing in the middle in length.

    i need something thats about as long as a v3 cp reg.

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    would it be possible to just gut the cp reg and use that as the grip? bike grip wouldn't work, those things are loooooong.

    another option would be to cut the pmi gas-thru with a hacksaw, clean up the bottom, re-drill (if needed) and re-tap the hole for 1/8" npt threads.

    or have a machinist make you a custom gas-thru grip.

    or get a different gas-thru grip, like a cp or a benchmark mini gas-thru if you can live without the 15-degree vasa. or a black logic gas-thru if you can find one.

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    Here's this one at a obo price hope this helps.

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    the spyder one is 4.5 inches. i need something under right at or under 4", plus the metric macro fitting wont work with the ccm fitting im going to use.

    bike grips are too long and too bulky.

    i work till 5 and i cant get ahold of CP to find the measurments of those teardrop milled gas thrus.

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    and there im not getting rid of the 15* vasa, its part of the gun i love.

    minimag/ule body
    ccm fittings with hardline
    rpg vasa
    luke milled rt rail
    rpg viperblade
    xvalve w lvl10
    no pro

    its what ive been looking for in a mag, just need a gas through thats 4" or slightly under for everything to fit together nicely

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    hmm...i've seen a dye gas-thru grip, i wonder if that would fit? maybe ask this guy what he used?

    another option could be to use a tank extender and an asa to 1/8 npt adapter (find on ebay)?

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