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Thread: Photo Hosting Sites

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    Photo Hosting Sites

    I have been using photobucket for a long time but find that if I go back to old threads the links are broke / the photos are not showing.

    Any one have a more reliable hosting site, or a tip to keep the links functional?
    Not sure if the hosting sites compress the photos when you upload them, but is there one that will keep the photos as crisp as possible.

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    flickr does a decent job and i think they give you a terabyte worth of space. grabbing links for embedding in forums is slightly less convenient i think.

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    i use never had a problem with it

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    Even though some users on AO may not be seeing my pictures, I suggest I like it because it creates a folder on your computer and you "drop" pictures into it and can create a shared folder pretty easily. All you need to do is right click the picture and select "copy public link." After that I go on AO and type [img]COPY and PASTE link[/img] and it shows......


    If I refer you we both get some extra storage....

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