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Thread: F/S/T: AKA Splatt Attack Revenge V2 Merlin Autococker

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    F/S/T: AKA Splatt Attack Revenge V2 Merlin Autococker

    So this Revenge is back in my possesion for the 3rd time. As nice as it is I never overly cared for this gun.

    I am really looking to trade more then sell. Preferably for a CCM S6, 6.5 or J2L. 86 frame only not looking for a 45 framed gun. Preferably not black. Lime green would be great. But colors are good. Not overly looking for a T2 but you can offer.

    That said I will entertain any offers people want to make. Worst I will say is no and who knows if it intriges me then I may just say yes.

    It shot ok last time it was used. Expect it to need to be tuned. Cockers always seem to need tuning after sitting.

    So here is the revenge.
    Revenge hinge
    Kapp LPR
    Kapp?? or stock 3way
    WGP ram
    AA Vigilante HPR
    Bolt & pin are NOT AKA
    Lowers are AKA
    Body, Frontblack, beavertail, cocking rod, & feedneck are all matching ano.

    If you need more pictures just ask.

    So for trades see the list above
    Cash: $625 shipped usps flatrate in US. International will cost the buyer more.
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    Always wanted to know if the revenge hinge frame took the slop out of the 3-way rod.
    Never tried it cause I'm not a fan of how "fat" it looks. But the anno on that marker is sweet.

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