So I bought this beautiful spotless gloss black mini-orracle (#8696) a couple of weeks ago because it was as close to an S6 without spending $600+ as I could get. I took it out this weekend and played 3 quick games with it. This is the 3rd cocker I have purchased and the 3rd one I am selling. The gun performs perfectly and shoots ball on ball laser beams, I honestly don't know what it is, after the 3rd game I grabbed my pumpmag and played the rest of the day. It actually shoots more accurately than my pumpmag (with the same barrel), I just like my mag better. Nonetheless, I don't keep guns that I don't think I am going to play with all that much, so it is going up for sale. I am not in any hurry to sell this gun considering I still think it is one of the most beautiful cockers I have ever seen, let alone owned.

Here are the specs:

CCM Mini Pump kit - comes with both white and black delrin handles
CCM 86* frame - with (BNIB) AutoTrigger rod and cam AND mini pump arm
CCM Feedneck
CCM Bolt
WGP and CP regulators
Empire Drop Forward
Kaner 2-piece Barrel with 3 backs (684, 687, 689) and 14" tip - there is a very small amount of wear on the tip

Like I said, this gun shot ball on ball and at the chrono it was 285, 289, 286, 288, 284 with the CP reg.

I will only sell the gun whole, but since I have dups of some stuff I would be willing to drop a few things off (a handle for instance) for a lower price. My price is negotiable, so please make some offers. I would also LOVE to trade for something else. Highest priority to mags, but I will look at anything, so offer up for this sexy gun who knows what might happen!!!

I am asking $425 shipped for everything listed above. I would ship to Canada, but we would have to talk about a price.