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Thread: just so everyone else knows here.

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    just so everyone else knows here.

    I screwed up on a sale over on MCB.
    totally my fault.
    I posted the barrel and rail up for cheap.
    waited to send the guy pics,
    I didn't get a reply back and wanted to get the stuff out of my hands
    so I posted up and said next person in line.

    yes I did not give the first guy ample amount of time to respond,
    yes people sleep
    yes people work.

    just thought I would let you guys know,
    as you know I don't normally do this type of deal,
    now I feel like crap,

    thought you should hear it from the the assses mouth before word got around over there.
    here is the link."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Sounds like you're being a little hard on yourself. Crap happens.

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    Damn it KNM...

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    all is ok now. lived and learned.

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    the first person with cash in hand wins the prize. first guy was too slow; his loss. you did nothing wrong. if you wait for a response from the first guy, that's fine. but cash in hand always gets priority.

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    Jeet yet ?

    Thumbs down

    MCB ?

    Not worth the bother .

    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." Thomas Jefferson

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    and just how many times have I lost out to you because I had to go to work before I got a response to my offer. ????? Don't worry about it. You took hold of the best comfirmed offer and went with it. At least I got my pump kit. Life goes on and we all wait for the next deal to come around. Me and a Dallarra kit. One of these days.....
    I took the road least where the hell am I ?

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