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Thread: What are X-Mags worth these days?

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    What are X-Mags worth these days?

    I haven't played in several years, and I'm getting ready to sell my house. Now might be the time to sell my X-Mags.

    The first one I bought new in January 2003. It is a Factory Version 1 CnC gloss black to purple fade with original barrel, two spare batteries (3 total), charging base and DC adapter. It comes with a CP Pro Barrel System with three tips and 5 different diameter backs. It also comes with a Carleton DOT-E 11194 68ci 4500 PSI tank and black Flatline regulator.
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    The second one was also bought new in January 2003 but was traded to me several years later. It is a Factory Version 1 CnC dust black with original barrel, one battery, charging base and DC adapter. It comes with a CP Pro Barrel System with one tip and 3 different diameter backs. It also comes with a Carleton DOT-E 11194 72ci 4500 PSI tank and silver Flatline regulator.
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    Both X-Mags are shown as part of the first RobAGD batchs arriving at Pev's from the XmagWorld Gallery

    Both tanks were last hydro'd 4/09 but with a 6/02 and 5/03 manufacture dates and a 15 year life, they could be re-hydro'd for a few more years of use. Electronics work and both power up to AGD 3.2. Can't speak for how well the batteries hold a charge and they haven't been gassed up in years, so the o-rings will probably all need to be replaced.

    Any ideas on what these are worth?
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    not sure of worth of xmags anymore.
    but man I would be all over these for the right price.
    I know that doesn't help.
    someone with more insight to the price here can help you"You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Price on things like this are subject to what someone wants to pay for one. I would say $1200 for the top one and $1000 for the dust one to start off. Heck anyone would be all over these at the right price. Let other chime in and don't be in a hurry to sell them unless you are. And who know, now that you have this posted you might be seeing some pm's come your way. Do you have better pics or close up of both sides?

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    Most XMags are running in the $750 - 850 range. If they are spotless and no wear they may draw a bit more. Working ACE is usually a bonus. The tanks tend to run in the 40-100 range if they are in hydro. The extra matching parts help the price as well.

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    Beautiful Xmags!! Hopefully by now you already have a few offers sitting in your inbox. There is still a market for Xmags, but the guys are right... It is about $750-850 depending on what comes with them. I would start at the $1000 price range for the purple Xmag and $900 for the gloss black. It all depends on if you want to sell them ASAP or not. I would wait for the right buyer to come by for them.

    Also, when the time comes make sure you take as many pictures as possible. Quality pictures will help the guns sell.

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