Dust Black body, & breach (These were bought new in 2012.)
Dust Black PTP Lowers removed from a immaculate Microemag.
The barrel is a Armson, removed from the same Microemag
Blue X-valve, lvl X, ULT (bought in 2012)
Detent isnt shown but is a Killa magnetic detent.
Gloss black non cnc warp left breech, (New in 2012.)
AGD Battery, Good shape & hold a good charge. Never given me any issues.
AGD board with Xmod.
NO Charger. (I only have one for 2 guns)
DROP Forward NOT included.

The gun went to BigEvil for programing & such. It is now currently set to e-mode only. If you really need manual or hybrid just adjust out the rod.

Price: $1200.
Shipped USPS (International add shipping costs)
Absolutely NO parting.

Only trades I would be interested in are
TL1000R, RC51, XB12R, XB12S or similar.