Have a whole AGD Flatline system for sale.
Has not had air in years. Will probably need to be completely rebuilt with a flatline rebuild kit.

kit - http://store.airgundesignsusa.com/in...fo&prodId=1978

I would recommend looking at this guide to know what needs to be done in order to rebuild it -

Here is the regulator attached to the tank. All mounting hardware is not pictured but is included.

the gauges are cracked and probably not working. you can order new ones for a few bucks a piece.
one of each of these guages linked below *SHOULD* work, but i encourage you to check dimensions and measurements before ordering them.

tank is way out of hydro and probably can not even be certified, so it is junk. I dont know how to remove it from the regulator.

$20 Paypal + shipping OBO