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Thread: Automag regulator on an Autococker?

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    Automag regulator on an Autococker?

    Just wondering what the PSI pressure is of an Automag regulator is, and can you use it on an Autococker if you wanted? Has anyone ever done this? (bought my first Autococker)

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    Automags run between 450 and 550 psi. It would be best if you could run in that range if you used an actual automag valve reg. You won't get much higher due to the regulator piston vent, and the response is a little slow at lower pressures. A 3k flatline bottle is pretty similar, and some old air america inline regs are the same basic design as the classic automag regulator. For a cocker on low pressure (200-300 psi), I would prefer a larger diameter piston over the old valve reg.

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    The automag valve on a level 7 operates at about 350 psi. They will turn down to quite a bit below that and still work. The higher the operating pressure, the slower the recharge because of the reduced differential pressure from the input pressure that regulators like to have. A cocker operating at 200 to 300psi should work just fine because its consistency that makes the difference.

    Now, the other question is, why? A stainless mag valve is heavy compared to an aluminum inline regulator. There are lots of good inline regulators out there.
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