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Thread: AS A question

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    AS A question

    I'm looking at a new ASA FOR MY MAG
    And want to know your feedback on a Planet Eclipse V2 POPS On/Off ASA
    Versus a Inception | Design. EZ ASA
    I was told the inception was a a better ASA

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    I prefer the Bob Long Cam Drive.
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    The pops works, but i don't like the looks of it and it doesn't like some HPA tank regs. I forget if it was the pin or the ball valve that didn't work with it.

    The EZ ASA is, to me, hands down the best one you can buy. Smaller, works with all HPA tanks, and doesn't look like a honking big block on the bottom of the frame.

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    I always loved the CP mini direct mount ASAs myself. I know that's got to seem like such an old thing now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justus View Post
    I always loved the CP mini direct mount ASAs myself.
    I like mine too

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    There is nothing wrong with CP ASAs. Whether it is the direct mounts or other ones, it does its job admirably. The front port for the air line does not lend itself much to mags, but for other guns, eliminating the elbow makes it look cleaner and one less point which it could leak.

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    Any of them are good.

    I have an Inception EZ ASA, and the PE OOPS.

    Have lots of time on the OOPS, and while it isn't as pretty as the POPS or the EZ, it's super functional.

    The ball valves don't like the POPS.

    They have no choice but to cooperate with the OOPS, which doesn't fool around.

    They also have to play nicely with Simon's EZ ASA, because he said so.

    Take that for what it's worth.

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    I prefer the cp on/off virtually no maintenance. probably have 30+ of them

    i do have the pops and it is harder to press with 800+psi tanks. i do like simons ez on/off and thats what i will be running on my next build (waiting for xmas).

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    I have a pops that I originally bought for my mag. The tank I use is a ninja pro v2 shp. Basically if you wanted it to work you had to have the asa in the on position and then screw on the tank which defeats that purpose. However, it does work perfectly on my ninja tank that is the pin valve style and only putting out 750 psi. So it depend on what your running it with. Also I don't like the fact that your stuck with macro line is you get the pops. My cp asa is super easy to turn on and off even with shp so I'm sticking with that and probably going to put my pops on my cocker build I got going on, only because I already have it otherwise I would be getting an ez asa

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    i find that only the CP works for SHP.

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