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Thread: Level 10 spring size

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    Level 10 spring size

    With the level 10 bolt springs
    I picked up a used x valve
    And I Got
    1 original size spring
    1 red
    1 silver
    The red and silver are the same size
    How long is the middle size spring
    I would like to cut one down to that size

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    The gold or black spring is the short, red is medium. silver was intended to be cut down. I normally run the gold spring.

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    all depends on your paint but all of mine use the gold spring.

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    The red spring and the silver spring are the same length but have different stiffness. The silver spring is stiffer than the red one. If you are going to cut a spring, cut the long silver one. The red is the middle spring and should be fine the way it is. The gold one will let you have pretty good level 10 operation but still operate at a lower velocity and over a wider range of conditions without issue.
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