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Thread: Mag and Micro CA

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    Mag and Micro CA

    A friend of mine reached out to me to consider selling some bits:

    1.Purple automag

    Here you have a purple anodised mag set-up for CO2. The Mag was used more many years in tournaments and was much loved. Anodized parts anti tamper, FBM, 3.5 oz, MPM P-stock with T-bar, bottom line, 20oz, MPM dump valve and 2 x customer barrels. Also, includes Dye stainless 10", short DAC barrel in green and J&J brass barrel.

    2.Brand New Micro CA II quick change

    This is a piece of history - must be 30 years old. Not just in its original packaging but sealed as it came out of the factory with the box and warranty card

    3.Smart Parts remote air system set-up

    Interesting piece here - this was given to my friend after the AA hit his car at the European Mayhem Masters in 1996. It came marked with "AA Back Up" on the reg. Includes the remote hose, dump valve and bottles with 3000PSI on/offs (Bottles are out of date but the on/offs are fully functioning)

    As these are not modern day equipment with some history / uniqueness, it is difficult to think about what they are worth - would appreciate some insight please?

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    RNT: Nice parts! The purple gun screams "european" to me. Is there any history with Necky? What team did they play on? I have a custom polished purple automag that I purchased off of Jon Bonich that looks very similar.

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    Ha ha ha, well spotted sir, I am selling on behalf of Jon Bon. The gun was one of his original team before we joined Storm, hence why the colour looks similar. Necky was one of the guys on the Brothers in Arms (the reg was when we played Mayhem and his car got hit by Adam in their van). This in essence would give you that matching pair as it was set-up and managed by JB until today.

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    You didnt buy his eMag?

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    Lol. Very cool!! Here is the automag I purchased from Sosta a few years ago. I never got Jon to explain what I have in my possession. Can you ask him what that wooden thing was for? lol

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    Btw, I purchased his Tequila Xmag from Sosta a few years ago. Still in my collection.

    I wasn't collecting at the moment, but.... I may have to send you over an offer Gotta ask the wife first.

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    the wooden piece is a stand for it, he had it on a shelf - his pride and joy!

    Oh good, Let me know about the mag, we can do a reasonable deal and i can bring it all to the US to save you on shipping internationally

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    Awesome. I never thought about making a stand that connects through the valve. I just sent you over a PM with an offer.

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    Maybe a newbie question, but what is that body of the purple mag that seems to cover the valve? Is there a name for that style? Is it custom piece?

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