• List of Stainless Steel Bodies

    Here is a running list of all the Stainless Steel bodies AGD produced.

    American Versions:

    E-mag/RTPro Polished:

    E-mag/RTPro Black:

    Automag/Minimag Polished Warpfeed:

    Automag/Classic PF Black:

    Automag/Classic PF Polished:

    Minimag Black:

    Minimag Polished:

    RT Black:

    Classic/Automag Standard Blast:

    Minimag Powerfeed Blast:

    E-mag/RTPro "No-rise":

    Minimag "Center-Fire":

    Sydarm Body: Came in Blast or Polished

    "European" Versions:

    Eurofeed Automag:

    Eurofeed Minimag:

    Eurofeed RT: Came in Black Teflon as well.
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    1. Flatliner333's Avatar
      Flatliner333 -
      Would it be a crime to strip and polish a black Rt Classic ? The picture above says " just a few" ?
    1. Ando's Avatar
      Ando -
      Your missing the SS Classic RT Center Feed. Only one I've seen in person, Simon had and I believe I remember him say was one of the prototypes. Saw another on MCB that some jackass cut up.

      This to include the euro mini body are the rarest of bodies to find.

      I've got all of them but the Center Feed Classic RT, which I'm going to steal from Simon cause I can't find one anywhere
    1. Chrome's Avatar
      Chrome -
      If I remember a somewhat recent thread correctly, Tuna also has a "mid rise" version of the center feed body - the feed tube was in length somewhere between the high rise and no rise and had a feed cup like the high rise. Bunny, I thought you got one of these for one of your projects?