• E-mag

    by Published on 03-19-2013 09:18 PM

    The Emag is Airgun Designs flagship marker. Starting with the worlds fastest recharging RT valve system and ending with the worlds only manual override switch the Emag can't be beaten for looks and performance. The Emag comes in a variety of feed styles to suit every type of play, AGD is the only marker manufacturer that designs interchangeable bodies into their markers so when your style changes your marker can too.

    A model of simplicity the electronic version has only one more moving part over the mechanical Mag. A solenoid in the grip pulls the trigger to fire the marker on command from the electronic trigger. The trigger is one of a kind and uses a magnetic sensor embedded in the grip to sense the position of the magnet in the trigger. Airgun Designs knows you like to fine tune your marker so we made the trigger FULLY ADJUSTABLE for stroke and tension. Many players get the trigger stroke down to a half a millimeter or better. The front grip houses the removable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack that can power you through 20,000 shots before recharging. Remove the battery and use the provided charger to juice up the battery from your cars cigarette lighter! The high performance valve only works off compressed air - CO2 is not allowed in this system. LED display shows total shots, game timer, adjustable firing rate and shots since turned on.

    The single most unique feature of the Emag is the Manual Override Switch located just behind the trigger, allows you to completely bypass the electronics and fire the marker in manual mode with a flick of your thumb. We like to think of it as your primary and your backup marker in one! You never have to worry about dead batteries or broken wires taking you out of a game.

    If your looking for a tough reliable electronic marker that you can fix yourself this is the one for you. Donít take our word for it go to www.automags.org and ask any of our 4000 members how they like our markers