• X-mag

    by Published on 06-09-2013 11:59 AM

    Xmagworld is now on automags.org. Here you will find information about Airgun Designs ultimate creation. The old xmagworld.com dropped off the internet around 2008 and I wanted to make sure future X-mag owners had a place to track and keep information for years to come. We have found over 300 of the reported 500 x-mags created. Feel free to take a look around.

    Fun facts about the site:

    Scanned through every page on the Airgun Designs sub-forums on automags.org, pbreview, pbnation, p8ntballer-forums.com, pbhub.de, and mcarterbrown. Pbnation was by far the worst to sift through. So many repeat posts..
    I used google to search for serials number (XT00100-XT00400) on the “We are the Lucky Ones” spread sheet, as well all the ones accounted for. (For pictures and information) I found quite a bit of new Xmags doing that simple scan.
    Browsed over 100,000 pictures from Jayloo.com There website is broken, it doesn’t index the pictures correctly. I figure about 60% of the website is actually viewable online. There is a way to view all of them.. manually.
    Used the wayback machine to track down missing pictures from the old Xmagworld.com. I have accounted for 85% of the site so far. The main chunk I am missing is the fantasy xmag concepts from AO.