• AGD Product Update: Slug Bodies


    I know you have all been waiting to find out what's going on with the new bodies so here is the update.

    FIRST! Please do NOT call the office and ask for info on the bodies. We are getting 20 calls a day and its bogging things down trying to deal with them. The girls in the office get this identical info when you do because I email this post to them. They have no more information than you do.

    The ULE bodies are finished machining but did not go out to the anodizer last week as planned. Instead we sent out several samples to be anoed to make sure they would come out right. The samples came back this week and look great.

    Additionally we delayed getting the ULE bodies anodized because we were able to get the next batch of Xvalves ready for ano this week too. We figured it would be smart to send the bodies and the colored xvalves out in the same batch so everything would match as close as possible. So coming next week (lets hope) are colored ULE bodies and colored Xvalves. I have pictures of the colored bodies now but I will wait until we open for orders to post them. We are getting the following colors:
    Black, red, blue, green, purple and pewter. NO prices yet.

    The SLUG bodies are in the final operation now and will be here tomorrow or friday. We are still waiting on the hardened washers that are also supposed to be here this week too. The new bodies are GIANTS with the extension over the valve. I have attached a pic below. These should be available to buy next week since there is no further processing. Again NO prices yet but best case they could go on sale end of the week.

    The last of the Xmags shipped today. We had a couple rejected for ano, someone will be disappointed.

    The second batch of xmags is delayed because we found tolerance errors in the body and they have to be tweeked.

    R&D is currently working on a no bounce on/off assembly to comply with NPPL rules.

    I will try and answer questions here.


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