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    by Published on 12-28-2013 07:06 PM

    Every few years the TVL "automag" shows up here on AO. Note the quotes around the word "automag." It isn't really an official AGD automag, but more of a clone. "The name of the company was called TVL and sold the ‘V2’ or ‘Boxer’ Automag in the early nineties across Europe. There was another milling which didn’t cover the valve and some freaky splash designs were available. Retail price for the top version was about 2400DM which is actually $1650. (Peppermill, 2007)"

    Manike says...

    Yep, TVL body. I used to go and hang out in there store a VERY long time ago. They had several different designs of micro mag knock offs. I believe they may have changed their name to Reading paintball at one time. They used to make the Boxer gun too, (Icon Z knock off) and do custom camo clothing.
    Dan Bacci posted a great article over on his site that shows one of the only known publications of the TVL Automag.

    Seen at TVL, this Automag has an aluminum body, an Elite 45 grip, an Armson barrel, and a Unireg air regulator. Everything is Splash anodized in four colors. It's a superb final piece."
    Thanks to Nicki Bacci for Translating.
    I reshot this photo from the 1995 issue of "Paintball Mag," a French publication, that Mike at Component Concepts, Inc. had in his magazine collection.

    Mick Holdaway wrote me that T.V.L. sold some of his Colonial's for his company, Simulated Actives:

    "I made the Colonial here in the UK due to from John Sosta Promising me distribution of the Automag after i had spent time and money promoting it through my shops. I then decided to manufacture it myself with changes such as an extruded 45 grip and other accessories as standard. The various anodizing patterns were our design and yes TVL sold some for us. In all we made around 1000 guns but the main sales stream came from the accessorizes."

    Dan Bacci Green Splash:

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    Fixel's friend raw TVL:


    PGI Blue Splash TVL:

    Peppermill's Green TVL:

    Blue Acidwash TVL:


    *Credit goes to Dan and everyone else that has posted pictures over the years.