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    by Published on 03-24-2013 04:24 PM

    This is the official DevilMAG Thread. Ill try to post all answers to all question I have already.

    Pics of custom grips for the DevilMAG

    90* Frame
    Duel Break Beam eyes
    Unlimited bps with eyes on
    MROF 45 BPS with eyes off
    Xvalve with ULE trigger kit installed
    ULE body milled with eyes installed. Predator board with different modes of fire and all settings done by trigger
    Power On/Off
    Ripper Trigger mod (lightest switch that can be used and still have a semi mode)
    AS OF FEB 1st: DevilMAG's will come with RPG Sleeper rails and the RPG Strangler Feedneck!

    Custom Anodizing now available. Please email sales@devilsden.tv for quote.

    The DevilMAG now comes with custom programming that regular predators do not have. Dont be fooled by imitators get the original!

    For pricing please see DevilMAG info and pricing


    Q-Where can you get 1?

    Q-Can I do ULE WARP bodies?

    Q-Can I do Tac-1 bodies?

    Q-Can I do SS bodies?

    Q-Can I do Deadlywind bodies?

    Q-Can you get custom anno?
    A-Yes email chris@devilsden.tv for more info

    Q-Can I use I, Y, Z, Rogue mechanical or Logic mechanical frames?

    Q-What frames can I use on a DevilMAG upgrade?
    A-All pre existing electro frames and Devil's Den's version.

    Q-whats the fastest I have had 1?
    A-can do a steady 20bps and have hit 26 bps. right shooter can do better.

    Q-Is the trigger adjustable?
    A-In the 90* version there is 2 way adjustment (forward and back travel)

    Q-If you have some of the parts will I adjust price?
    A-YES just email for info

    Q-Will it be offered as a bolt on if you trust your LVL 10?
    A-YES but wont garuntee no chops.

    Q-Is the marker legal in tournements?
    A-Of course!

    Q-Has the DevilMAG been used in major tournements?
    A-Yes Marcus from Fat City used it in 2 whole games at cup in Div 2 Xball and the DevilMAG kept up with everything else out there.

    Q-Does it come with a warrenty?
    A-Yes 6 month warrenty

    Q-once warrenty is wore out will I still repair them?
    A-Yes just will cost tech fee after warrenty is out. I may be offering an Extended warrenty program soon.

    Q-Does the DevilMAG have to use ULT?

    Q-Can any other valve be used?
    A-Yes but needs to be able to accept ULT.

    Q-Can I do Emags and Xmags

    Q-can I do both breaches for Xmag

    Q-Should I ask the same question thats been answered right here for me?

    Q-Turn around time?
    A-Case by case basis depends on time of order really.

    Q-Why lvl 7 FOAMIE bolt?
    A-Has tested to be a little easier on paint in personal experience with more brittle paint. Also limits maintenence down to next to nothing, adds a bit of efficiency back. This was test by myself over quite a bit of time and proved to be the best bet. If buying a complete marker you get your lvl 10 kit back with the gun for now and if you wish can install it yourself if you like.

    Q-Doesnt ULT slow recharge rate?
    A-Not in the experience with the DevilMAG.

    Q-Can you have Eye Covers?
    A-They are scarce but when they are in stock your markers will already be milled for them and easy to install if you so choose to have them instead of the goo used.

    Q-Should I trash the product and the person who released it then order 1?

    Feel free to ask questions and I will answer then add to this list to make it easier on all.

    Any questions please email sales@devilsden.tv. Thank you.

    NOTE: Hyperframe no longer available! Will only be made with 90* frame until new 45 is made. Also all complete markers will have level 7 foamy bolt installed and you will receive your level 10 kit to do as you wish with. The level 7 is less maintenance and allows faster cycle speed.