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Thread: What are these worth - markers and frames

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    What are these worth - markers and frames

    Well it has been too long since I have been able to get out and play and I have A LOT of gear sitting in my garage and I am thinking about selling. I thought I come to the experts for some insights as to current market value if I decide to sell.

    Tac One Longbow
    Spec Ops Longbow, X-Valve, 5 longbow magazines, 2 mag holsters (Spec Ops and KCK), sight riser, Scope (Tiberius Arms I think), Stiffi C-Series barrel, APEX2 tip

    Fresh from anno, matching ccm fittings, lukes frame with T-Rex, Lukes LPR foregrip, X-Valve. Needs trigger pin, safety, and tune up

    Pump Tac One
    AGD (Blem) pump kit, Taso rail pump milled, Dye single trigger frame, Tac One rail pump milled, Classic Valve, Extra trash can regulator to match the other milling better, Hill valve insert, extra wave springs, empire feed.


    Thanks for any help I can get,


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    Haven't seen too much higher end stuff sell publicly lately, but from prices I have seen, I'd say the Phoenix I can see getting 1,200-1,500$, the pump mag prolly 600-800$ don't know about the longbow cause I haven't seen one sell in a bit, but the taco one minus it prolly like 700ishand the logic umf somewhere between 200 to 350,and the sleeper m90 maybe somewhere from 350-500, again these are probably high but but list it high and let it sit in sure you'll have a buyer who has to have it, specially during tax season

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    Longbow mags are 100$ each ,,,,

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    OooOoOo OG Logic and M90 frames

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